Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unique Washcloths

Everyone needs washcloths !! From babies to grandmas, washcloths are a must have.

But, why use simple single colored washcloths when you can have one with some pizzas?

Why wonder which washcloth is yours? You can have a set of washcloths with your own cute design so everyone knows they're yours!! Too fun!

Are you a nursing mom? Why carry around the large, heavy burp cloths? These can adorable washcloths can double as mini, super absorbant burp cloths?!

These cute little washcloths range from 12 inches to 15 inches. Made from a super soft terry cloth and cotton or flannel stripes, these washcloths are adorable and soft.

Handmade washcloths are soft enough for a baby's delicate skin, stylish enough for kids/teenagers, and artistic enough for adults.

These would make a great gift for anyone!!

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