Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Baby Security Blanket and Wooby is a Must Haves!!

Every child i have met has that one very special blanket that they carry around with them. A little security blanket. A super soft wooby. A blankey to snuggle with at night.

Lovey Tag Blankets are fantastic for kids who love textures, the tags on their pillows/blankets/clothes, and playing with he different fuzzies on their balnkets and toys. Lovey Tag Blankets come in a multiple of sizes. They have two different textures of materials for the front and back, and different textured ribbon tags around every side.

Woobys are simpley adorable... They are made with the softest cuddle fabrics, and premium, soft cottons. Each Wooby has one extra special corner thats gather together so children's little hand can grab on and hold snug. These blankets are perfect for the chid who loves something soft against their face. If your child loves to rub the corners of blankets with their fingers or on their ears, these are made special for doing just that.

The best part is I can make you multiples of the same, so when one gets dirty, you have another to replace it while washing the other. You'll never have to tell your baby "Sorry, you have to go to bed without it, it's dirty." Just swap them out for a clean one and they will be as happy as can be.

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