Saturday, February 18, 2012


These tiny little blankets are made in honor and memory of Baby Lily and all babies that leave their families too early.

These LilyWraps are made in particular for families to purchase and then donate to a local NICU.

LilyWraps are made special with ultra soft materials. When a baby is born prematurely he/she is extremely fragile. These babies are so fragile they can not be dressed, instead the parent's use the blankets to wrap their baby who is struggling to live or has passed and hold them. LilyWraps are made with extra love and care so that families can hold their beautiful baby for as long as possible.

LilyWraps will come with a postcard for each one so that the families can have a simple not from me, and you can fill out the back with your name and a personal note if you so choose.

Help raise awareness for premature birth and neonatal death.

Our hope is that LilyWraps will become well known and highly donated. Donating a LilyWrap to your local NICU will help a family feel loved during a very difficult time in their life.

I personally have journeyed with friends through the loss of their babies prematurely, and stuggled to find ways to show them how loved they are. Donating LilyWraps helps these families feel the love you have for them as well as the love you have for their precious baby.

For many families, the day of their birth is the only time they will get to hold their baby. LilyWraps are designed to be gentle on the baby's skin so that families can wrap up their child and hold them and cover them with all their love.

If you would love to purchase LilyWraps to donate to your local NICU or a family in need please visit my etsy shop and click on the section called LilyWraps.

Sleep Sweetly on Etsy

Thank you for your support.

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